Jonathan Halls and Associates can help you or your organization by providing high quality well-reviewed workshops in the areas of corporate learning and multimedia.

Our corporate learning solutions include workshops on leadership, change, communication and workplace innovation.

All are underpinned by our post-industrial philosophy that explains the fundamental shifts in todays workplace.

Workshops to Improve Organizational Dynamics

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Underpinning all our work is a deep interest in the fundamental shifts taking place both in today’s workplace and in society.

We’re in the middle of a transition to a post-industrial world and it affects everything from how we run our organizations, how we communicate and how we survive as professionals.

Workshops on Media and Multimedia

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Our multimedia solutions include workshops, consulting and coaching.

The driving value is on how to make powerful content that draws in audiences, how to do it fast and efficiently and how to do it affordably by doing it in-house on affordably-priced equipment.


Workshops on Critical Survival Skills for Professionals

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This is emerging work and focused mainly through keynotes.  We are also working on a book and can run workshops on the material in your organization.