Leading Workplace Change in a Complex World

Most change initiatives fail.  Often it’s because the organization wasn’t ready and leaders were ill-equipped.  This workshop gets you ready to lead change.

Seminar in Brief

Experts say that between 65% and 85% of change initiatives fail.  That’s a sobering fact in today’s world where just about every organization is either leading change or being forced to change.  What separates the successes from the failures?

This two-day course is designed to equip participants with both an understanding of change and the skills to lead change in organizations.  It’s ideal for managers grappling with their role in the change process and people forming transition teams charged with making their change initiatives a success.


Our approach to training is based on the latest adult learning principles where we facilitate practical activities and discussions as well as present knowledge on leadership and change.  We both draw on participants own experiences to help them process their role in the change process and capacity to lead change as well as the latest thinking on change.

Our workshops encourage participants to bring specific change projects they are working on to the group so the exercises can actually help them do some of the change work.  Where participants are new, we use hypothetical change scenarios.

We’re a small practice with experience both teaching and leading change in organizations around the world now for the past decade.  We don’t just sprout theory from textbooks but share our wins and losses as practitioners of change in organizations to critically reflect on what works and doesn’t work.

Learning Objectives


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About the Facilitator

Jonathan Halls is a recognized teacher and consultant in the areas of media production and the dynamics or modern organizations. He has forged his knowledge through both research and real life experience. His leadership and change programs are based both on the latest thinking and his real experience leading large teams and facilitating organizational change. His media training is based on the latest thinking and his experience working with leading media companies throughout the world as well as his experience as a former journalist and talk show host.

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