Coming Soon: Leading the Newsroom

Jonathan is just finishing up his manuscript on a new book, Leading the Newsroom.

Change Management for Media Organizations

The book is based on the workshop he runs for news and media organizations on how to lead transformative change.  It features examples and specific comments about changing newsrooms and production processes as organization transition from traditional to digital media organizations.

What the Book Covers

The book starts with understanding personal change and what it means for the individual.  Then applies that to an organizational level drawing on systems thinking.  It then looks at the role of leadership, communication and change methodologies.  It also look as creativity and how to build an innovative culture.

Jonathan draws extensively on brain theory and evolutionary psychology as he explain change and what editors and executives need to consider if they want their change to be truly effective.

Public Release

The book has gone through its first edit and is expected to be released in April 2016.  The working title is “Leading The Newsroom: Enabling Your Teams to Work Better and Transform the Newsroom.”