ASTD TK14 Follow-Up

Thanks for joining my ASTD session in Vegas.

As a follow-up to what I talked about and the questions people asked, here are some further resources.  You can follow the links by CLICKING on the headings.

Slides From the Session

CLICK HERE for the slides from the session.

This is a resource I promised that features my recommendations of equipment to save you having to work out what the cheapest equipment is that you can get away with.

Get free tips once a month direct to your inbox.  This is not an advertorial article but real information that will help your video.

These are articles that I have written for this website and a variety of other publications such as ASTD’s monthly magazine and blog.

This is my book published by ASTD.  It’s a comprehensive guide to making video.  The full course description will be on the ASTD website in the next week or so.

ASTD Rapid Video Development for Trainers Certificate Program.

This is an intensive two-day workshop based on my book, Rapid Video for Trainers.

This is an intensive multimedia overview.  Every participant also walks away with a free high definition pocket camera.

Coaching or Workshops.

I offer both workshops and coaching for companies an individuals.  You’ll see some of the programs I offer on this website.  Call me for more details and find out how I can tailor the time for your business.

Video Boot Camp.

This is an intensive one-day introduction to video.  We can bring this to your company or ASTD chapter.  We’ll be launching a virtual boot camp soon so watch out for it.  If you’re interested in bringing the boot camp to your chapter or organization, call us on703 879 1856.

Good Luck

It’s a privilege to have been a guide on your journey to becoming a learning video practitioner.  I wish you the best of luck as you develop your skills for using the “Flipchart of the Future”.